Content marketing is a well-used strategy that can make you a benchmark in the real estate sector as, according to studies, 42% of buyers choose their real estate agents based on recommendations from others.

Content is king

In addition to direct internet search, online content (also known as content marketing propertynews) has a significant impact on referral seekers to find their next real estate agent. One of the most effective ways to get referred clients is by creating useful and quality content, because when reading relevant and informative content they will begin to trust you and will refer you with their acquaintances as someone they consider an expert in the real estate field. It is worth mentioning that content marketing will give you the desired results only if you are constant about your publications, from that you will start to frequently hear phrases like: “such person sent us with you” or “X told me that you were the best agent I could hire. You probably do not know who that specific person is, but what you will be sure of is that he follows your Facebook or Instagram accounts and that he has noticed your outstanding consistency regarding the publication of real estate content and therefore decided to recommend you with new clients. . Mission accomplished!

How to use content marketing and social media to your advantage?

Focus on adding value : Content creation is a way to add value to other people’s lives. Start by identifying the questions that customers frequently ask you, answer them in the form of a video or blog and share it on your social networks.

Be consistent in your publication schedules: schedule a specific time for the creation and publication of content . Having an online presence will help people remember you and what you are doing.

Connect with others: comment, answer questions, click the “Like” button, and share other people’s posts. Create relationships with like-minded people who can help you improve your own strategy and brand.

Use social media to stay in the mind of your audience

Maybe you haven’t spoken to a customer in three years, but if he or she sees your online presence, follows your posts and even your Instagram account, they will feel that they have accompanied you on your trip in the last three years, all thanks to your social content.

12% of buyers hire the agent they previously worked with for park view city. It makes sense to go back to the professional you already know if that agent has been in touch, and what’s the easiest way to do it right now? Through online content. We live in a digital world, so everything revolves around the content you are producing, your consistency and the value you offer. The question is: are you working hard enough in your online presence?


If you are preparing for your next NTS test for you next job than you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn the tips to pass the NTS test. I am sharing these tips because i got 85% marks in NTS test. If you want to pass the NTS test with maximum marks than follow our tips! In order to get NTS jobs you need to pass the NTS test which is must.

Guide to Pass NTS Tests

Tip #1 (Pray)

It’s the number one tip to pass the NTS exam test because the success belongs to those who pray to Allah. Pray for you fate to your God. Do some exercise too it will make you more productive during the NTS test.

Tip #2 (Learn Basics)

As you know most of the NTS exams are MCQ’s based. If you know the basics of Mathematics then it’s easy for you to fill the Mathematics section with correct answers. To prepare for Basics of mathematics study 8th grade mathematics book.

Tip #3 (Check Past Papers)

Past papers are gold mine for students who want to pass the NTS test. It’s so important to study the past papers as most of the questions are from past papers. Five-year NTS test Past Papers are enough for preparation for it.

Tip #4 (Concentrate on one Subject at once)

Most of the students made this mistake they want to learn every subject at once. Don’t do this mistake first learn one subject at a time and if you have finished one subject and you have solved 1000 MCQ’S of certain subject then move to other subject.

Tip #5 (Relax and Take Sleep)

Take a good sleep before an exam and don’t take any pressure for the NTS exams. There is no rocket science all the things that came in test are the things you have studied before It’s easy to pass.

These are the tips I followed before my exam I hope these tips will help you too to pass your NTS Test. If you have still any questions don’t hesitate to ask.