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Are you looking for a Good Commercial? Hire the Attitude and Train the Skill.

Many job offers in real estate are a trap and do not fit what your responsibilities and obligations will actually be. Many promises, but the reality is different.

There are still real estate agencies that know how to hire their staff: they invest time in preparing a job profile, offer acceptable economic conditions, prepare the job interview and end up selecting the right candidates. Sadly of these agencies and franchises there are few.

Unfortunately, what proliferates is improvisation, selecting candidates based on personal tastes and offering salaries that do not fit the market, taking advantage of the demand for the unemployed.

Anyone who comes to the interview well dressed, is lucky that the interviewer likes “his face” and shows in those minutes that it can be molded to the personality of the interviewer, get the position. And of course, you have to be one of the first to go to the interview.

It is not surprising that there is high turnover in real estate agencies e.g. Blue World City, that productivity is low and training is basic. Just to go out and be motivated during the first weeks. Am I being alarmist or unfair? Let’s look at job offers in real estate that proliferate online. (And also read the comments generated by this article).


Work in Real Estate: We ask for Outgoing People.

I include 2 examples of job offers in real estate that demonstrate what I have said before:

“Real Estate Commercial Agent”

We are looking for personnel with and without commercial experience, extroverts, with ease of speech, and good presence. We need to fill positions of commercial agents dedicated to real estate brokerage of second-hand homes. We offer employment contract, and fixed salary plus commissions.

I can assure you that the real estate agency that advertises a job in this way will hire you, sure, if you send a decent resume immediately. The problem comes later, when they offer you a low salary and working conditions where what will prevail is that you are an aggressive commercial and you entrust yourself to the Virgin del Carmen.

As long as you are “outgoing” and have “ease of speech” no matter what you say. You attract clients and properties and we will pay you late, badly and never. As long as we get to sell something, of course.

Working in this agency you will waste your time, (which you will not use to find another agency better), you will suffer disappointments and the relationship between agency and you will end in tears.

The real estate agency also loses, but the only thing that interests this class of real estate agencies is to survive at the expense of others. They don’t mind losing a commercial; there is an abundance of unemployed in the market. After you, another will come looking for a job in real estate and so they survive.

You can already imagine the type of training you are going to get if you do not have experience in this sector. May God have mercy on you!

I work in Real Estate: We are looking for someone to “Get the Juice”.

Here we have another example. This is more sophisticated and has no waste. I don’t pretend to be cynical with my comments in blue; I just read the ad and interpret it.

Commercial Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Company Dedicated to the Sale of Real Estate: Flats, Luxury Villas, Commercial Premises, Industrial and Residential Tertiary, etc.

(You are well specified what a property is in case you don’t know it)

(It has to be a “hugely large” company. It sells all types of real estate. Wow, it must have a large and expert commercial team).


-Business Incorporation with a Large Expansive Project. (Do you still want to grow more? This sounds really promising!)

-Business Contract in the Freelance modality. (Fantastic, here is the proof of its expansion and what awaits you).

-Remuneration linked to objectives. (If you are a freelance, there is no other).

-Customer buyers investors. (Promises that, in my experience, it is a lie like the cup of a pine tree).

-High percentages. The highest in the sector. (This is already a joke!)

-Good working environment. (I doubt it and I refer to how this ad is written)

-Continuous training by the company. (Please, look for the word continuous in the dictionary so that it does not lead to confusion when they facilitate this “continuous” formation).

REQUIRED: (Prepare for the best of the ad!)

-Commercial gifts. (This is more diffuse than paranormal science)

-Age: 25 to 35 years. (That is, if you are 40 years old you are not worth a pepper. Your experience is of no use. Oh and remember that they have investment clients)

-Conduct nice. (Smile, be submissive and say “please”, “thank you” and good morning “, especially to the boss. I doubt that you will sell many properties with pleasant behavior).

–Full autonomy and decision-making capacity. (What does it sound good to? You’ll already check the decision-making capacity you are going to have.)

-Computer management. (I wonder what work you will do with your PC). 

Abstain who does not meet the requirements. (Well, this is already supine stupidity. They try to tell you that they will carry out an exhaustive selection based on whether you are handsome, if your behavior is pleasant and if your business skills cover an infinite number of spectra.)

These are the job advertisements for real estate agencies that abound on the web. Which shows us how the real estate sector is. With this mentality, it is not surprising that the owners prefer to sell their property directly; that buyers have a bad concept of real estate agencies and the sector follows an outdated business model.

Choose well who you work with. Many of the job offers in real estate that you will find in the market are a hoax. And I say it with knowledge of cause.

Work in Real Estate: Agencies & Franchises.

Work freelance, autonomous, independent, unsupervised, doing what you want, with your car, gasoline, self-employed insurance it  sure sounds like an advantage. Above all, with high percentages paid in this sector for blowing and making bottles.

To succeed as an independent real estate agent, you need good training in real estate sales. Training that not far will facilitate most franchises and real estate agencies.

I know there are good agencies in the market such as skymarketing and some other franchises, (I know some), where I would not hesitate to recommend someone to send them a CV. They are agencies and franchises that know how to select staff and usually hire little, because they generally do not need more staff. For them, staff turnover is painful, they take care of the staff they have, (freelance and staff) , so that they earn money and thus earn more money.

However, many real estate agencies do not have this approach . The training is appalling, their promises leave much to be desired, the work environment is harmful even to health and the fees they pay are covert slavery.

Many franchise offices or the franchisee, ( not always the franchise itself), are not saved from burning.

A lot of American , Italian or Spanish branding ; a lot of marketing to capture unsuspecting that leave them $ 10,000 – $ 30,000 dollars, many photos on Facebook having a great time, (excuse my French), a lot of artificial motivation and when you come to realize, which usually reaches 2 to 3 months, where I said Diego said.

No wonder that more and more people prefer to create their own real estate business, to work in agencies or franchises. No wonder that the best real estate agents I know (and I know quite a lot), work as independent real estate agents.

It does not surprise me either that the agencies and franchises have so much turnover, because people interested in this sector with greater potential to be excellent real estate agents, seeing how the schoolyard is, decide to mount it on their own.

Please choose well who you work with and where you send your CV. Your new job may end in tears or even cost you money.

If someone reads this article and works at a real estate agency in which they are happy and earning so much money that it gives them vertigo, they think that I am not being critical of YOUR real estate agency or franchise, but with the rest .



Is a culture of smart attributes / the job was attracted by Habib Rafique (Pvt). The business handled the features and facilities of their innovative and latest technologies. It permits individuals to have a lavish life and revel in the contemporary standard. People are looking for a society which has facilities which make life simple and tension free you will find basic and necessary amenities intended within this project such as the amusement and wellness fitness of a individual here. The critical features are college, mosques, schools, parks, playgrounds, health clubs, and exercise clubs, running paths with wrought streets, industrial zone smart programs and remote management systems in addition to a superb safety system.

Finest place and appealing perspectives:


The Main factor for a society is constantly its own location. The principal heart of Islamabad and Rawalpindi will require only 20 minutes to realize .the society is really situated near Thalian interchange. Whenever the Rawalpindi ring road project is achieved then the society is going to be attached directly with GT street through the ring road that’ll allow you to get from many sections of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The primary cites of Islamabad and Rawalpindi is going to be retrieved through Kashmir highway once the maturation of the link of streets. A great deal of people are gaining attention from its first status and following these fundamental developments and links to the motorway will attract more individuals and businessmen to get in touch with this undertaking. They’d love to have memberships to avail this golden opportunity. The prime area of the society makes society much more precious. We can declare that the value of this University town Payment plan is considered by the rapid success and quick reservations in society. Everyone else will, of course, select a place that’s significance and can be prime. UNIVERSITY TOWN has this type of place with amazing views. The amazing sceneries and green environment are the chief reason behind the superb achievement of society. The eye-catching lush greenery and great looking trees with all the broad roads of this society captured everybody’s heart.




Is a golden opportunity to have a lifetime of relaxation and a nice atmosphere. The appealing views and excellent location means a lot to every individual. Individuals having reservations here are extremely happy with the considerate and honest coping of the traders of skies marketing and other businesses. The businessmen are getting a positive benefit by reselling their possessions . Another positive measure by the owner of the society is to decide on a place in the center of Islamabad.


If it comes to discovering a superior business environment or perhaps a ideal friendly neighborhood, you’ll find various matters that are expected as well as crucial. More to the point, Park View City Islamabad has got the capability to bring you for its whole livelihood, and we’ll be talking those features within this informative article at an exact manner that is descriptive.

He’s current Provincial Minister of Punjab for Local Authorities and Community Development, at office as 27 August 2018, only afterwards PTI formed the federal government from Pakistan & its providence Punjab.

It’s a little home scheme that can be spread over a place of 1200 kanals of property.

As stated by the current society officials, this property was acquired for its period I and also three phases will probably be established in the future. You’re able to increase your loved ones or business such a prime location that’s not just calm and serene but additionally enhanced with centers needed with a kid, an adolescent, a grownup or a older one. Reserve your storyline now together with all the finest of Park View City.


Park View City Islamabad home strategy isn’t significantly less than every other modern home strategies. It’s a contemporary infrastructure using modern constructional plans. You will find no indicators of loading dropping either of gas or electricity .


All the distribution traces of power, gas, and water tend to be subterranean and operate 24/7. Helping to make it an ideal fit for the adoring family or increasing business. It’s a contemporary city in town as you’ll discover every thing like schools, colleges, hospitals, mosques, departmental stores, health spas, zoo, food street, theater, parks, sports, sports earth and sports complex.


Even the Sports complex includes indoor and outdoor sports such as swimmingpool, bowling, snooker, golf and a lot more over the underwater community that lets you enjoy your time in a de stress environment and utilize each of the needs.


The NOC has been cancelled early in the day due to its awkward approach throughout Malot Road. The society has been contesting their case against CDA, now the true news is that Capital Development Authority (CDA) has revived their NOC which enabled the expanding of the entry road into the society in Kuri Road.


Mr Aleem Khan of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was able to find the NOC with this particular housing strategy in Islamabad, and he’s begun the promotional efforts once more. Nevertheless, the society failed to halt the growth work after the conclusion of this NOC, also it’s still beginning after having the NOC back again.

The Different Types of Web Hosting

colocation hosting

Picking a web host provider could be challenging at its best. With so many hosting companies it’s easy to become overwhelmed with prices, features, and conditions such as bandwidth, CDN, and cPanel.

And of course, you might have no idea what the various web hosting plans are.

If you are just starting out and would like to initiate a self-hosted WordPress site or start up an eCommerce store, then you’re likely to want more than just a domain name and a web site. In fact, you’re likely to need an internet host.

Colocation hosting is a service which stores your website’s data and provides it to anybody who clicks on your own website. Using powerful servers located in secure data centres, the ideal web hosting provider will not just ensure your website leaves fast to site visitors, but remains secure both in a physical and virtual sense.

With that said, let us take a look at the most common types of web hosting plans that are available so that you can determine which one will best serve your hosting requirements.

Actually, if you are just starting out, or are prepared to take your business to the next level, knowing the various types of hosting programs is essential.

Alternative Hosting Solutions

As we mentioned earlier, there are other kinds of hosting plans available based upon your needs. Since WordPress forces of the world wide web, it’s no wonder there is hosting only for WordPress sites. With this kind of hosting, everything is handled for you for example website backups, upgrades, security monitoring, and more. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about anything specialized and you receive expert WordPress support. Check SiteGround WP Engine, and Flywheel out. And needless to say, don’t forget the simple fact we focus in nothing but managed WordPress hosting although that here in. Offering customers services such as extensive caching, WordPress installs , daily cloud backups, free SSL certificates, and expert support, you may be certain that your WordPress website is in good hands. Those that want to resell their own web hosting solutions will use reseller hosting to make things easier. Plans include shared hosting accounts which you then resell for a fee. They come white labeled so no one knows which hosting firm the services are currently coming out of. With this hosting plan you have the support group of the provider billing software, and also management. For reseller search into InMotion Hosting SiteGround, and HostGator. With colocation hosting, you lease”racks space” in a data center to house your own server hardware. The host will provide the electricity, storage facility, along with an uplink. If it fails, you are accountable for everything else, including the hardware. This can be for advanced webmasters who know just what they are currently doing. Two reliable hosting providers which have colocation hosting are Liquid Rackspace and Web.

Final Thoughts

In the long run, there are numerous different kinds of hosting solutions to pick from. It’s important that you evaluate your unique should help narrow down which type of plan you need. From that point, determine which ones have the speed and find out more about the top hosting companies, reliability, features, and support you want.

It’s fantastic to know that most hosting providers have each the hosting solutions available. That makes scaling up and down easy, particularly in the event that you begin with a simple shared hosting program.

Thus, take a peek at how big your site, as well as your budget, and start searching for the best hosting solution for your website requirements.

The Different Kinds of Web Hosting

colocation hosting


Picking a web host provider can be hard in its very best. With so many companies it’s easy to become overwhelmed by prices features, and conditions like bandwidth, CDN, and cPanel.

And of course, you might not have any clue what the different hosting plans are.

If you’re just starting out and want to start a self-hosted WordPress site or start up an eCommerce shop, you’re going to want more than only a domain name and a web site. In reality, you’re going to need an internet host.

colocation hosting is a service that stores your website’s information and provides it to anybody who clicks on your own website. Employing powerful servers the ideal web hosting provider will not just guarantee your site renders fast but remains secure from external attacks, both at a virtual and physical sense.

With that said, let’s take a peek at the most common types of web hosting plans that are available so you can decide which one is going to best serve your hosting requirements.

Actually, whether you are just beginning, or are ready to take your company to another level, understanding the different types of hosting plans is essential.

Option Hosting Solutions

As we mentioned earlier, there are different types of hosting plans available depending upon what you need.

Managed WordPress Hosting. Since WordPress powers 29 percent of the world wide web, it is no wonder there is hosting just for WordPress websites. With this type of hosting, everything is handled for you including site backups, updates, security tracking, and much more. Additionally, you don’t have to think about anything specialized and also you receive expert WordPress support. Check out Flywheel, SiteGround, and WP Engine. And remember the fact that here at StackPress we focus in nothing but managed WordPress hosting. Offering clients services such as extensive caching, WordPress installs , daily cloud copies SSL certificates, and specialist support, you can be certain your WordPress website is in great hands. The ones that want to resell their very own web hosting solutions to individuals will utilize reseller hosting to make things simpler. Plans come with multiple hosting accounts which you resell for a fee. They come white labeled so nobody knows which hosting company the services are currently coming out of. With this plan you have built-in billing software technical control, and also the support group of the provider. For reseller search into InMotion Hosting SiteGround, and HostGator.

Colocation Hosting. With colocation hosting, then you lease”stands distance” in a data centre to house your server hardware. The server will offer storage facility the power, and an uplink. However, you are accountable for everything else, including the hardware if it fails. This can be for advanced webmasters that know exactly what they’re doing. Are Liquid Web and Rackspace.

Final Ideas

In the end, there are several different types of hosting solutions to choose from. It’s important you assess your unique should help narrow down which type of plan you want. From that point, find out more about the very best and determine which ones have the speed, reliability, features, and support that you need.

It’s good to know that most hosting providers have all of the hosting solutions available. This makes scaling up and down simple in the event that you start out with a simple shared hosting plan.

So, have a peek at how big your website, as well as your finances, and start searching for the best hosting solution for your website needs.

The majority of the map can be retrieved from the beginning, but strong enemies usually appear whether the player strays too far from the path they are intended to take. In reality, this map is invaluable for teachers, students and for academic purposes. Several maps appear for the very first moment. Not certain what to do with a totally free printable vintage map, then take a look at my maps craft page for lots of cool thoughts and inspiration. The dynamic map might also be zoomed, based on the player’s preference. It’s the smallest world map in the set.

What You Need to Do About Blue World City Map

Presently, lots of vehicles have been employees for land clearing procedure and earthwork. Currently, it have been employees for land clearing process and earth work. In addition, the range of color frames will count on the size of the wall.

The Basic Facts of Blue World City Map

Blue World City is located on the main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2. It is also one of the societies that are near to Islamabad and Rawalpindi cities as well as Islamabad Airport. It is a sensational housing society with tremendous surroundings and is situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the main city.

Neighboring landmarks of Blue World City:

Capital Smart City is one of the most famous housing schemes neighboring this housing project along with other housing societies such as Mumtaz City, Khaniyal Homes, Star Argo farms, Top city, and University Town.

Life After Blue World City Map

Many programs of rural education together with adult education were implemented so as to guarantee efficiency and improvement in the present system. Travel Insurance You never understand when an emergency situation will spoil your trip plans. 3-year payment program is offered to purchase plots from here. Few people are going to have an idea that how good a tapestry may look in your room when you have things that complement it perfectly. You’ve so many ideas that you’re able to decorate the walls based on the size of your room or as stated by the color code of your room and other unique things too. The more flexible you’re on time and destination, the better your odds of finding a terrific thing.

Additionally, the site has live agents accessible to lead you through the procedure through a live chat or by phone. Today, over 250,000 people arrive at the site each day! Safari Travel Service is our favourite private-sale website for luxury-hotel deals. You absolutely want to know that you’re doing business with a reliable dealer. Put on a load of laundry in your washer and dryer so that you don’t need to do it back home. Plenty of items found in the house can be employed to carry them out.


Job Description

Capital Smart City is an impending Housing project located near Thalian Interchange, using another intersection. Being manufactured by Future Development Holdings Private Limited in cooperation with Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd, Capital Smart City provides residential and commercial plots. Equipped with comfort and simplicity in mind, every block of the gated residential area may have its own business center, park and mosque. Developed together with the future in your mind, its intended streets and potential extensions are set up to offer a consistent quality of living for its occupants.

Proximity of Location

Capital Smart City sits in a place that’s roughly 9.2 Km in the M-2 toll plaza. Another interchange from Motorway, adding to the simplicity of the town’s inhabitants. The place also has a very important significance on account of this development happening around its area and closeness to the New International Airport.

Smart City

As The name implies, every block of this property is intended in such a way that each has its own business marketplace, park and mosque. A huge area has also been earmarked for future extensions of this job, keeping in mind the continuing concerns and innovative approach of their programmers. There’ll be an integrated IT infrastructure to document and keep an internet real-time database of tasks within the area.

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness of its occupants is among the very Important factors in preparation of Capital Smart City; a designated Health Zone is to be constructed for residents which is going to have the very best and hottest fitness and healthcare facilities. Facilities of community centre, parks, and golf course to promote health and well-being will also be from the Master Plan.

Master application of CSC:

The Master plan of the society has been given to a Singapore based consultancy firm named Surbana Jurong (SJ),” it is created by Norman Foster.

About Surbana Jurong (SJ):

Surbana Jurong (SJ) is a Respectable consultancy firm, Launched in Singapore. SJ is currently one of the largest Asia-based urban, infrastructure and technology consulting companies, comprising a global group of over 16,000 employees across over 120 offices including architects, designers, designers, engineers, and other specialists.


The Company considers in forming towns to homes with Renewable employment chances, where companies and communities can flourish.

A cohesive prep methodology has been executed in Generating the master program of Capital Smart City islamabad. The program calls for a distinctive choice of amenities to accommodate new industrial, industrial and entertainment aspects in the society.

A Massive area of the master program of this Smart City is based On enhancing the organic features of the society and the program integrates new infrastructure such as a public transport system with strategically positioned stations, Central Boulevard and a cascade of high technology buildings are completely integrated into the master application of Capital Smart City Islamabad.

The Concept of the job revolves around the notion that the New destination provides opportunity to live, work and play, and attract Global investment.